The tech stack of the startup

This post is about startups and technology. Of course, nothing will help you if you don’t have a market, or traction, or a business model, or an actual product, or good people. Those are conversations for another day, but now, here’s what I’d use if I’m starting a startup today:

Programming languages:

Data stores:

Data processing:

Machine learning:


Version control:



Functional testing:

Project management:

Am I missing stuff?

6 thoughts on “The tech stack of the startup

  1. Wow, we’ve converged on almost identical stacks…although I haven’t needed Redis yet (write volume is low enough that sessions can be stored in a Datomic partition) and I haven’t had the streaming scale in my current project to dive into Storm, although I’m a fan. I have explored the use of Rieman for system monitoring, but if you’ve invested in Storm you can repurpose it for the same thing.

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